Chenowith Water PUD

The Dalles, OR

March 15, 2016

Posted on May 24, 2016



MARCH 15, 2016

1. 5:30 pm: Regular Board Meeting

2. Approval of February 16, 2016 Minutes and Consent Agenda

3. Public Comment – 5 minute time limit per person

4. Ben Beseda – Engineer Report

5. Financial Reports Discussion

6. Jeb Miller –District Manager Report



TRAINING SEMINARS & CLASSES: Singer Valve Training Odell, OR





MARCH 15, 2016

Board meeting called to order at 5:30pm by President Mike Elmore.

PRESENT: Tom Ashmore, Rod Peterson via conference call, Marla Skroch, Mike Elmore, Wendy Shoptaw, Jeb Miller and Tom Peachey.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND AGENDA: Changing chow and tell to show and tell needs to be correct as well as Cla-val. Minutes were approved as corrected and Agenda was approved as presented.



ENGINEER OF RECORD REPORT: Ben Beseda presented his Engineer of Record report.

1. City Site Team Meeting: No PUD projects. There have been scheduled meetings for items outside the of PUD service area.

2. 2016 Projects: Field survey is complete for the W. 8th and 9th street projects. Field survey is in progress for the Lockwood project. In discussion with the District Manager staff time may be available for the 8th and 9th Street project. Tenneson work to complete this design and submit to the State for review as soon as possible.

3. Water Management and Conservation Plan: Tenneson took the handoff from the PUD to wrap up this project. Ben has completed an initial review of the 2011 draft review of the WMCP and made contact with the individual at Oregon Water Resources that will review when submitted. The WMCP will be reviewed under the ORD guidelines issued in March of 2015. Ben does not know how much impact this will have on the 2011 draft plan.

4. 6th Street and Snipes Street Hotel: Grading work as the first phase to this development is likely to commence in the next month. The building construction should also start this year and finish in 2017. The District Manager and Ben have discussed a possible upgrade to the waterline on the 6th Street frontage to this property prior to likely street improvements as part of the development. This line is newer PVC and in good shape. It is undersized for what we would install today. No decision was made on this yet.

5. No other new projects have come up within the PUD.

Financial Report: Marla suggested keeping an eye on the budget and making sure we are adding enough money to line items for the 2016-2017 budget.

DISTRICT MANAGER’S REPORT: Jeb Miller presented his District Manager’s Report.

Jeb told the Board he had contacted Candy Armstrong, Superintendent of the Northern Wasco County School District, to let her know about changing out the meter at the Chenowith Elementary School. He explained to her that the water bill might be higher than past months due to the accuracy of the new meter. Candy told Jeb she understood the situation and thanked him for the notice. Jeb also brought up the billing department and gave notice to Candy regarding previous months the School District have been getting late charges on their bills. Quickly Candy said she would take care of the late bills that Chenowith Water had received.

Jeb informed the Board that Northwest Hydro Tech will be coming in to do an annual maintenance program. The cost to the District will be $1,500 a year and they will come in and repair the valves. We have worked with Marty Walker before and he has provided the District with good service.

Jeb talked with a few people from OAWU about painting the reservoirs and they sent him to talk with Jeff Austin. Jeb told the Board that he had attempted to contact Tnemec and was waiting on them to contact him back. Painting the reservoirs is on the 2010 Master Plan and should be something to look into for future projects.

Jeb presented the PowerPoint presentation showing the charts and graphs of water sold, revenue, water loss, revenue from unaccounted for water and totals for yearly water loss.

In addition, slides of all the buildings that were cleaned up for the Sanitary Survey. He informed the Board that Michelle Byrd from the Drinking Water Program told him that our system was one of the cleanest systems that she visits. Jeb was confident that the District will be receiving an outstanding performance for the 2016 Sanitary Survey.

Jeb talked about Lead and Copper sampling and what to expect in the future. The State asks for twenty sample points from the District and that might be going up. The tier 1 sights for lead and copper and houses from 1983 – 1985. If we end up having to take additional samples in the future we will have to look for residential homes built during this time.

Jeb presented the start of the 2016-2017 budget. He presented the income side of the budget and had not gotten to the expense side of the world. With what was presented, the Board was happy with the progress made.

The server computer has been out dated and needs to be replaced. Steve who runs our IT system has suggested we go to a network system and Jeb told him to pull the trigger. Once this gets done The District will be more efficient and not have to worry about server issues. This should be wrapped up by the next meeting.

That concluded the District Manager’s report.



TRAINING SEMINARS & CLASSES: Singer Valves will be holding a class in Odell for .4 CEU’s and all staff will be attending.

Marla talked about the SDAO Board Training that would be great for Wendy to attend.

With no further business, the motion was made by Tom Ashmore and seconded by Marla Skroch to adjourn the meeting. 4 ayes, 0 nays.

Submitted By: Jeb Miller, District Manager

Approved as to content at regular meeting held April 19, 2016 By: Mike Elmore, President Board of Director

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