Chenowith Water PUD

The Dalles, OR

MAY 17, 2016

Posted on May 24, 2016



MAY 17, 2016

1. 5:30 pm: Regular Board Meeting

2. Approval of February 16, 2016 Minutes and Consent Agenda

3. Public Comment – 5 minute time limit per person

4. Ben Beseda – Engineer Report

5. Financial Reports Discussion

6. Jeb Miller –District Manager Report


NEW BUSINESS: 16-’17 Budget Presentation

TRAINING SEMINARS & CLASSES: Brenton Adams – Cross Connection Certification June 7-10, 2016





MAY 17, 2016


Board meeting called to order at 5:33 pm by President Mike Elmore.

PRESENT: Rod Peterson, Mike Elmore, Wendy Shoptaw, Jeb Miller, Ben Beseda and Andrew Myers.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND AGENDA: Minutes approved as presented.

GUESTS: Joe Stewart

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Joe Stewart came to the meeting requesting that Chenowith Water PUD look into granting him easement through the Westside Village Apartment complex. He stated that the PUD had an old irrigation easement through the property and he would like to use that easement for a sewer line. The Board told Joe that the Attorney, Engineer and District Manager would look into his request and get back to him with the information they came up with.

ENGINEER OF RECORD REPORT: Ben Beseda presented his Engineer of Record report.

1. City Site Team Meeting: No PUD projects in the last month. There have been scheduled meetings for items outside of the PUD service area. This week’s meeting includes three 2016 Projects including a CWPUD project discussed below.

2. 2016 Projects: Design for the 8th and 9th Street Project has been reviewed with Staff and is complete and ready for OHD review. The Lockwood Street Project is designed and ready for review with Staff.

3. 6th and Snipes Street Hotel: The initial grading work for the first phase of this development is complete. The project is on the City Site Team meeting agenda for this week. Pending the outcome of some of the discussion items the project will move into the final design stage. Ben did not yet know what the service line size will be for SDC determination.

4. ODOT Old Highway 30 New Chenowith Creek Bridge Project: ODOT is in the design phase of this project. Chenowith Water will participate for installation of waterline crossing for future expansion to the west of Chenowith Creek. Ben anticipates working the ODOT design team in the next month to provide them our design criteria to include in their construction plans and bid documents.

5. No other new projects have come up with the PUD.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Jeb explained to the Board that the high general account balance had been transferred to LGIP of $100,000. The questions came up in April’s meeting and Jeb was letting the Board know that high balance was taken care of.

DISTRICT MANAGER’S REPORT: Jeb Miller presented his District Manager’s Report.

The first thing Jeb talked about was the second go round for payroll through PAYCHEX. Jeb said things went a lot smoother this time and next payroll he will attempt to enter the payments on his ow. He seemed to be very pleased how simple it was to have payroll taken care of.

The District will be getting rid of Satori Mailroom CASS system. Continental, who is our billing software program provider, suggested Satori in 2007 when we started, and now Continental doesn’t deal with Satori anymore. Jeb contacted Continental to ask who they work with now and they told him Auto Mail. So Jeb decided to get rid of Satori and go with Auto Mail. The cost to start Auto Mail was $2,000 and then an annual fee of $1,000. Satori cost us $995 a year so no difference as far as cost goes except for the setup fee.

Jeb said he contacted PERS for looking into a different retirement plan for the employees. He said that the rates were high for the District and once the District decided to join PERS they were not able to get out. Jeb gave a hard copy to each Board member for them to review and discuss at a later date. The discussion came up about a HRA VEBA Plan. Jeb was very interested in this health plan and told the Board he would get all the information to each Board member by hard copy. This would be another topic the Board could look over and discuss at a later date.

The issue over the new meters came up and Jeb said the most recent discussion was with Neptune meters. The representative for Neptune meters came down to talk with the crew and to do a demo of their MRX920 drive-by unit. Jeb said they put an R900i radio head out at Hatt’s 76 gas station, went up to Cherry Heights Lookout and hit start. The reads started coming in all around the District and so did the one from the gas station. Jeb wasn’t sure how much distance that was but he said he was very impressed. With talking to Jared from Neptune the conclusion was to look into testing existing meters and keeping the ones in the ground that were accurate or of a certain year age. If they are still good just replace the meter head with the R900i and get the new technology instead of replacing good meters. So the request from Jeb was to purchase the 150 meters and start testing and only replace the meters that are bad. The Board seemed to think that was a great idea. Jeb told the Board that he put in the budget to hire a summer help that would assist in the changing and testing of meters. With staying with Neptune we would not have to go to bid to purchase the 150 meters. It sounded like that was the direction to go by the end of the conversation.

Mike Elmore requested that the next meeting be on June 14, 2016. He will be leaving on June 17, 2016 and would like to be at the next meeting for purposes of passing the 2016-2017 Budget.

Neita Cecil did a luncheon with the crew to report on the Outstanding Performance Award for the Sanitary Survey. She interviewed the whole crew and took pictures of the plaque with the Certificate and a group picture out in front of the office.

Jeb said CCR’s will be coming up and due by June 30, 2016. With the process of the CCR’s Jeb will be updating the website as well. It hasn’t been updated with literature since 2007.

Jeb presented the PowerPoint presentation showing the charts and graphs of water sold, revenue, water loss, revenue from unaccounted for water and totals for yearly water loss.

Ben and Jeb talked about a letter being written up that would provide Tenneson Engineering to be in charge of future small projects and by-pass the State’s approval for future line replacement.

The Board had no problem with Tenneson Engineering writing this letter up for the future.

That concluded the District Manager’s report.


NEW BUSINESS: Presentation of the 2016-2017 Budget was presented and with only a few questions, it looked good to be ready for passing at the June 14, 2016 meeting. This will give one more month for any changes before being voted in as the new Budget for 2016-2017.

TRAINING CLASSES AND SEMINARS: Brenton will be attending Cross Connection Specialist class on June 7 – 10, 2016.


With no further business, the motion was made by Rod Peterson and seconded by

Wendy Shoptaw to adjourn the meeting. 3 ayes, 0 nays. Submitted By: Jeb Miller, District Manager

Approved as to content at regular meeting held June 14, 2016. By: Mike Elmore, President Board of Director

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