Chenowith Water PUD

The Dalles, OR

October 20th, 2015

Posted on Dec 18, 2015



October 20th, 2015

  1. 5:30 pm: Regular Board Meeting
  2. Approval of September 8th, 2015 Minutes and Consent Agenda
  3. Public Comment – 5 minute time limit per person
  4. Ben Beseda – Engineer Report
  5. Financial Reports Discussion
  6. Jeb Miller –District Manager Report







October 20th, 2015

PRESENT: Tom Ashmore, Marla Skroch, Rod Peterson, Mike Elmore, Wendy Shoptaw, Jeb Miller, Ben Beseda and Tom Peachey.



Board meeting called to order at 5:34 PM by President Tom Ashmore.

With Dick Kessler’s resignation, Tom Ashmore announced the new candidate to complete the term for Sub-District 5. Attorney Tom Peachey asked if the Board has taken action to accept the resignation from Dick Kessler. Motion by Mike Elmore, second by Marla Skroch to accept Dick Kessler’s resignation effective October 20, 2015. Motion approved 4 ayes, 0 nays.

Tom Peachey explained to the Board the laws about the new member position and they were able to fill the vacant position with a motion by the Board. Motion by Marla Skroch, second by Mike Elmore to fill the position vacated by Dick Kessler with Wendy Shoptaw. Motion approved 4 ayes, 0 nays.

Tom Peachey presented the Oath of Office to Wendy Shoptaw and congratulated her for filling the vacant position.

With no changes to the September 8, 2015 minutes, President Tom Ashmore approved as written.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Financials approved as presented. Marla asked about shipping and freight line item.

ENGINEER OF RECORD REPORT: Ben Beseda presented his Engineer of Record Report.

City Site Team Meeting: No PUD projects.

Patrick Erickson: TEC is working on design of a house site and access road for property in the National Scenic Area above Kingsley Reservoir. The house will be located close to the transmission line between the Kingsley and Cherry Heights Reservoirs. One new hook-up imminent. They may contact the PUD for installation of a hydrant near the house.

Richman Family/Whispering Pines Subdivision: Initiated work with the Richman Family to start extending their development west of Elberta on 14th and 15th Streets. Probably will be a long term project with maybe a lot or two per year.

Pomona Terrace Apartments: TEC is initiating work to add additional units off the north side of the existing development and on the north side of 8th and 9th Streets. Very preliminary at this time could turn into a fair sized project.

2016 Project Planning: Need to schedule a meeting with the District Manager to talk over and review potential District improvement projects for 2016. Very busy end and start of fall for Tenneson but has been skimpy for PUD work.

DISTRICT MANAGER’S REPORT: Jeb Miller presented his District Manager’s Report.

The rodeo grounds meter has been abandoned per request. Matt Larson called and asked that the meter be pulled and account cancelled. The property will no longer be used for this event.

We are getting closer to taking plastic in the office. Patsy has been in conversation with Columbia Bank and they would like to have our IT guy here when they hook everything up. This should be a new option to pay coming in the next month.

SDIS Best Practices: Been sent off and they have confirmed we have earned our 10% discount for the year.

Jeb informed the Board about the meter purchase and told them the bid letter was close to being complete. The Board had some questions about meter reading equipment and asked if we needed to purchase that as well. Jeb told them the Neptune meter reading equipment would work for the first year. Jeb advised that we should take the first year as a test year and stick to the five year plan. The Board was happy with Jeb’s suggestion and gave consent to buy first year of meters.

Now that the Homberg/Waters issue has been resolved the new service line will be put in this next month. We will be running a service line from CCTP over to Waters meter. With the completion of the easement of CCTP finished, Jeb said he needed to get with Tom Peachey and go over our Customer Service Policy handbook.

Jeb talked about the City of The Dalles starting to pot hole on 2nd Street. He was told by the City staff they were pot holing for the 2nd Street sanitary and storm project. So far that is all he heard about the City looking into the project.

Jeb presented the PowerPoint presentation showing the charts and graphs of water sold, revenue, water loss, revenue loss from unaccounted for water and totals for yearly water loss. Other slides shown were of the hydrant installations at Foley Lakes/Sevenmile Road.

OLD BUSINESS: CCTP easement has been signed and processed through Wasco County. The project to move Water’s on to her own line will be completed in the next month.


TRAINING SEMINARS & CLASSES: Brenton is certified with Flagger, CPR, First Aid, and Backflow Tester. Jeb will be attending the OPUDA Conference October 20, 2015 through October 22, 2015.

BOARD MEMBERS COMMENTS: Mike Elmore asked the District Manager to do a self-evaluation and to do a wage comparison of other Utility Districts. Jeb’s evaluation will take place in executive session at the November 17, 2015 Board meeting. With no further business, motion by Mike Elmore, second by Rod Peterson to adjourn meeting. Motion approved 4 ayes, 0 nays. Meeting adjourned at 6:30pm. Submitted By: Jeb Miller, District Manager

Approved as to content at regular meeting held November 17, 2015. By: Tom Ashmore, President Board of Director

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