Chenowith Water PUD

The Dalles, OR


Chenowith Water PUD was created in 1945 as Chenowith Irrigation Cooperative, Incorporated. The original membership consisted of ten households for the purpose of irrigating the gardens and farms on the west end of The Dalles. When the first well was drilled in 1946 and the water tested it was determined that the water met all drinking water standards and soon thereafter was being piped into the homes.

With housing being developed within the Chenowith area the need for additional water was determined and a second well was drilled in 1949. The third well was drilled in 1956. All three of these wells are drawing water from what is known as The Dalles Pool which is located beneath basalt rock 250 feet below the surface.

Two of the District’s 4 production wells require water treatment to meet the exacting State and Federal regulations. Water from Well #3 is sprayed into the air to allow the hydrogen sulfide to disperse into the atmosphere. Water from Well #4 is filtered to remove iron and manganese. The two remaining smaller wells require no treatment. All water is chlorinated in compliance with the Oregon Drinking Water Program regulations.

Chenowith People’s Utility District was created by vote of the residents in 1999 to serve the community with long established water rights. During the past several years the District has added two smaller water systems, Lower Chenowith and Columbia Crest, increasing the customer base by about 200 service connections. The District recently completed a major construction project tying all the systems into a single distribution system with increased storage and pumping infrastructure.



  • 1945

    Work began for Chenowith Irrigation. Planning and Pre-construction Well #1
  • 1948

    Well #2 was drilled at a location of W. 8th St, and Myrtle St.
  • 1955

    Well #3 was drilled st a location of 760 Pomona St.
  • 1960

    Fleck well #5 was drilled at a location of Cherry Heights RD.
  • 1997

    Well #4 was drilled at a location of 2312 W. 8th St.
  • 2008

    Well #6 was drilled at a location of 2312 W. 8th St.