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OTOH – You are correct, an updated post will be available in a frametime notwithstanding at a time, that cannot be divulged at this moment. Authored on. Order Asc Desc. Date within – Any – 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year. Thread needs solution. Colin B. Forum Hero. Posts: Comments: I see that the plus pack is now mentioned in the updates list as of 3 November.

On a clear disk you can seek forever. Jennifer Pielow. Posts: 1. Comments: 1. Mark Wharton. Forum Star. Colin: Can you translate the last sentence in the release notes?

The word “not” is very confusing I forgot German: The partitions on dynamic disks can not be restored if the letter of the default partition wizard recovery was not affected last. At first I had the same issue related here – what does it do but then found the links mentioned in the forum and took a shot.

A perfect repair in 8 minutes – an unheard of miracle in my 30 years of PC experience. What a product and what a deal. Thanks Acronis, you saved me eons of hard work for pennies. Jack Over IP. I purchased and registered Acronis TI on November 27, I never received an email about a free or discounted plus pack. Thanks Acronis for the great customer service.

After installation of both items of software on a Windows 7 machine I created a new bootable recovery disc as instructed and then decided to check out that it worked. On booting the splash screens show that it is plus pack, but when I get to the recovery screen where I should be able to select the universal restore check box, it does not appear as shown on the knowledge base instruction screen shots. I have tried reinstalling all the software several times and have burnt numerous bootable discs but to no avail.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and can anyone tell me how to remedy the problem? I am currently awaiting a reply from Acronis support but wondered if someone else may have the answer. I would appreciate any assistance. I am glad a few folks are happy about the Plus Pack, but it would help us newbies if someone would explain in ordinary English what kind of situation would merit an ordinary noob acquiring a Plus Pack? Hello, I too, bought the Plus Pack, thinking maybe maybe not I could use its “upgraded functionality.

Downloaded and overwrote current installation Opened Home and it says that it’s now Tried to install Plus Pack again and it said I needed Tried reinstalling Tried to install Plus Pack again, and it said I needed Now I can’t even open Home I am not impressed.

Since I do not have this product loaded yet, I cannot comment on how well it works, but I can explain what it is. What they are calling “universal restore” is the ability to restore an image to a machine that has substantially different hardware than the one that the image was created from. For example, you have a computer with brand XYZ motherboard, model You do an image of that computer.

Shortly after that, the motherboard dies because XYZ company makes poor quality products. You realize that their products are trash so you put a brand ABC model motherboard in to replace the defective one.

Worse yet, the bad motherboard fried the hard drive so there is nothing in the machine except the power supply and the DVD drive that still works.

You try to do the restore from the image that you previously made. Windows is not at all happy because the original install has all the hardware information and the drivers for the XYZ model motherboard. It has none of the necessary hardware information or the drivers for the new motherboard. That results in major problems. It might even be bad enough that the machine wouldn’t even boot and you could then not even attempt any fixing.

Instead, you use the “universal restore” to load the image to the new hard drive. The “universal restore” strips the parts of Windows that describe the hardware configuration. This includes stripping out the old drivers. Since Windows can’t find the hardware configuration, it is smart enough to try to build a new one. It is NOT necessarily smart enough to fix a bad configuration, but it can build a new one if there is none to start with.

Note that during this process of building a new hardware configuration, you will need the proper drivers for the new hardware to be readily available. I think that tells you what “universal restore” is and at least one example of where it would be very valuable, assuming it works properly and you can use it.

This is a very non-technical answer and parts of it are not really technically correct. If I wrote it to be technically complete and correct, you wouldn’t be able to read it unless you were a pro with above average skills in Windows internals. Win 3. With Windows 95 and 98, some registry editing was needed, along with new drivers. With Windows XP, a repair reinstall and reactivation was needed. I assume that with “universal restore” repair reinstall and reactivation would also be the method for Windows 7.

Universal restore followed by reactivation of course seems like a simpler, faster, and perhaps cleaner, method. Also, many systems that come with pre-installed Windows do not support repair reinstall. If universal restore works in those systems, it may be the only way to accomplish a motherboard swap without purchasing a new copy of Windows 7. I have been purchasing and using your products for seven yeas or more now, having been strong supporter over the years of Acronis and have had very little to complain about, some small niggles now and again at most, until now.

But I am sad in having to say this new product Plus Pack should now have been released for sale, because it does not do what it you say it can or should do. All I seem to get is invited to do a repair , which means a very big update after a Repair Install. We have to find the Solutions? Marketing proudly presents UR, I read the content, decided to use it buyed for it.

Hours over hours read some hints, could not get it ready to run. Wrong wim, no content, warning it will not be bootable, browsed through all reachable folders. Sometimes it mounted a file and when trying to unmmount it machine freezes. Its not my job to fix a program, acronis programmers have to do it and give an understandable advice how to use that piece of software.

Hoping to to find the solution to come to a happy end. I have the same questions on the Plus Pack as mentioned above. I asked questions on the Forum but no answers! I need to hear from Acronis as do the others post9ng here. For those with Plus Pack installation and usage questions, I’ll reiterate what’s in a few posts above:.

When you install the Plus Pack, the True Image help file gets updated. The updated file includes info on how to work with WinPE, etc. Authored on. Order Asc Desc.



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ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE HOME PLUS PACK free download Download here: replace.me?key=kyomqgfffbv07c&query=ACRONIS_TRUE_IMAGE_HOM. Mar 04,  · A few weeks back, NewEgg was offering TI Home for $ after rebate. Now we have the companion Plus Pack for free. Expect TI Home to be released imminently! Go here for link & code: ===== Acronis True Image Home Plus Pack Free replace.me Apr 12,  · Free acronis plus pack download software at UpdateStar – True Image Plus Pack is an add-on to True Image It is purchased separately, has a separate license, and is installed from its own setup file.