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Deliver your holy punishments to the Demons and collect the picture of their shameful defeats in your collection. Once upon a time when God had nothing to do and was getting bored, Raphael, an angelic messenger,offered God his forbidden photobook for him to browse through. When God saw what the photobook contains, his viewpoint expanded and his boredome vanished. God was struck with a new idea. Some of the bosses are quite difficult and it can be frustrating if you die in the end and have to repeat the whole level.

Direct Download Link. File Password: www. Your email address will not be published. Action Casual. May 23, Gamer Since: Log in or register to post comments 1 read. All Comments 1. More Top Stories. Blasting their way through the competition, here are ten gun-toting video game babes! Video games are home to some of the loveliest ladies in fiction.

And a number of them just so happen to be gun-wielding badasses. Which, you have to admit, is pretty darn sexy. Here we celebrate 10 Sexy The PC Games in are going to rock. And while the passage of another gaming year may come with some sadness, all it takes is one look at the games lined up for the upcoming year to bring a huge smile to your face.

Few things in life as are as intoxicating as the thrills offered by stealth games. Actually being a mortal human being who can be killed by a well-placed shot to the noggin. This is what stealth games excel at Itching for a fight? Why not get those fists bloody with the best fighting games you can play right now!

And as long as there are faces to pummel, and shooting Looking for the best new pc games to play this year? Let us help you out! We Really Can’t Wait to See These Movies has come and gone so now we have a full year to look forward to brand new movies.

Today we feel like sharing a list of movies, in no particular order, that make us want to jump off our chair and cheer for the good guys. We are, of course, What can we say?

We adore video game babes with guns to bits. What Toddler Mods can make the gameplay more fun? Toddlers in the Sims 4 are limited at best. Within the modding community, there are many options for giving more gameplay to toddlers. When you are playing with a family that includes toddlers, you deserve more gameplay for them Unleash your inner zombie slayer in the best zombie games you can play!

Hungry for zombie-slaying mayhem? Or up for the challenge of surviving in a world ruled by the undead? Are you prepared to explore that Castle? Remember that your build will only become a good build later on in the game, as the early game still If you’re not sure what Top-Down in gaming is then that is okay.

It just means that you’ll always be looking down on the action. There’s multiple versions from things like Pokemon to Clash of Clans. They’re usually lower resolution games with pixelated characters. Here are 11 of the best top What better way than taking it out on virtual pixels in retro fashion than to launch up one of your favorite shoot em up or run n gun games?

Quirks can be beneficial to a famous sim. One of those things is to become famous, and with that comes Quirks. Being a famous sim comes with many perks as your sim grows within their fame. Depending on how Probably fat rolling with that amount of gear. With Elden Ring having some of the best weapons in any souls game, and some of them being unfathomably large. You shouldn’t be afraid to use that weapon two-handed as it will increase your damage output and also make you feel even cooler Not counting the gears, equipment and job systems stemming from the original Final Fantasy.

Well, the good thing is that Final Fantasy XV Adventure awaits in ! When someone says adventure, so many things come to the mind. It can be a journey to new lands, exploration of old lands; a desire to change the world, the quest to save it. May it be becoming superheroes, fighting with the magic and might of epics, reliving history, or Which are you, a lone wolf or a groupie?

This article discusses classes that can handle all aspects of the game single-handedly, including leveling, farming, dungeons, raids, and PvP. You can do world bosses in the open world Your friendly neighborhood Shounen Man here with another list for you guys to enjoy.

Hey, trainers, Do you all know the best way to become a master in Master League? You don’t?! Let’s GO! Great video game trailers – they’re like bite-sized artistic masterpieces you can’t get enough of! No matter how the game turns out, a good trailer is a good Fighting games are considered the most intimidating genre to get started in. So much so that developers of fighting games have been forced to make their games more accessible to casual gamers if they wish to make a profit.

Here are the top 10 best Resident Evil games to play on PC! Capcom has been a gaming Titan since and is the genius behind great franchises like Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and, one of my favorite game series, Resident Evil. It is probably the first title people think The first quarter of has passed and we have already had a bunch of new and exciting games released. There is still a lot of time left in the year though and we can look forward to even more exciting titles yet to come.

These games are The story goes on about Lara as a young woman of 21, trying to find her father who got lost on an island searching for a treasure In this article, you will know which champions can easily get you that sweet sound of a Pentakill!

With thousands of mods still being made for Portal 2 it’s not easy finding the best options available. From the stellar voice acting, to the flawless controls, this thrilling, side-splitting puzzle Experience magic, monsters, and mayhem in the best fantasy war games you can play in !


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Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Filter Results Clear. Input methods. Average session length. Multiplayer features. Accessibility features. Sort by. View all tags. New itch. Subscribe for game recommendations, clips, and more. The Echo Project. Rated 4. Andromeda Six. A sci-fi themed Visual Novel game.

Wanderlust Games. Once in a Lifetime. Psychic Connections. A “mental” twist on a furry romance VN. Minotaur Hotel. The minotaur’s side of the story. Minoh Workshop. Tennis Ace. Dawn Chorus. Tavern of Spear v0. You’re always moving in circles A lewd sandbox game in a RPG-themed world. Far Beyond the World. Extracurricular Activities. Extracurricular Activities is a furry visual novel where the player is trying to date members of his tennis team. Killigan’s Treasure. A bovine’s journey in a land unexplored.

Socially Awkward. Grizzly Gamer Studio. Lustful Desires. Naughty text adventure with monsters and potions. Tales of Androgyny. A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees.

Shelter Furry Visual Novel. Sileo: Tales of a New Dawn. They’re all deceiving each other and every one of them is better at it than you. Remember the Flowers. Set out on a journey of self-discovery, both past and future.

The Smoke Room. After Class. Enter Highwell as Walter; a college student with no memories of his childhood. Andy Peng. Temptation’s Ballad. The adventure begins with a liar, a commoner, and the ‘chosen’ one. Cute Demon Crashers. A short and silly consent-friendly and sex-positive VN! A vacation turned murder mystery that goes deeper than just a serial bloodbath. Repeat Visual Novel. Dark promises and brutal necessities. Sisterly Lust.

After the sudden death of your father you come to live again with your sisters and mother, will romance blossom? Play in browser. Third Crisis. Anduo Games.