Chenowith Water PUD

The Dalles, OR

June 20, 2017

Posted on Aug 8, 2017



June 20, 2017

1. 5 :30 pm: Regular Board Meeting

2. Approval of May 16, 2017 Minutes and Consent Agenda

3. Public Comment- 5 minute time limit per person

4. Ben Beseda – Engineer Report

5. Financial Reports Discussion

6. Jeb Miller – District Manager Report

OLD BUSINESS: Acceptance of the 2017/2018 proposed Budget.

NEW BUSINESS: ODOT/Chenowith Water PUD Chenowith Creek Bridge crossing project.

TRAINING SEMINARS & CLASSES: Brenton Adams will be taking his Distribution 1 Test in the beginning of July.





June 20, 2017

Board meeting called to order at 5:30pm by Mike Elmore.

PRESENT: Mike Elmore, Marla Skroch, Ralph Bronwning, Jeb Miller, Ben Beseda and Tom Peachey.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND AGENDA: Minutes were approved as presented.




  1. City Site Team Meeting: No PUD Projects were on the last meeting agenda. Meetings have been taking place regularly with full and partial agendas. At the May 18th meeting there discussion of proposed hotel at 2928 West 6th Street. This property is the next lot towards town on 6th Street from the Franz Bakery Outlet at 6th and Pomona. The property is currently owned Richco Investors but under contract to sell to the developer. Tenneson has started work on getting the project through the planning process.
  2. Georgia Vista Apartments: This is a two building of 10 units each apartment complex proposed on the west side of 10th Street across from Pomona Meadows. This project remains in final design. There will be pretty extensive grading. The developer is looking at options to reduce the construction cost.
  3. 6th and Snipes Street Hotel: No new news from last month. No timetables yet for resumption of work on site or building permit application. I have not had any recent contact with this developer.
  4. ODOT Old Highway 30 New Chenowith Creek Bridge Project: The project received only one bid which was well above the engineers estimate. ODOT is proceeding with award of the contract. The contractor is Wildish Standard Paving. Wildish is reputable and fully capable of completing the project. As an aside to the CWPUD work Tenneson will be providing staking and testing services to Wildish. The cost of the Chenowith Water PUD bid items was $124,085. This number is well in excess of our estimate (and already paid to ODOT) of $86,000. I was made aware of the cost  overrun very late in the award process. I expressed Chenowith’s displeasure with ODOT for not involving us sooner in the award process as we are a paying partner in the project. In any event we need to confirm that we will continue with the project at the additional cost. I think we need to swallow hard and continue. Today’s cost is still going to be better than future cost in an existing bridge.
  5. Future Projects: Met with District Manager and staff to discuss completed projects, needed system map set updates and future projects. I plan to perfect the list and review with the District Manager to prioritize.
  6. No other new projects have come up within the PUD.


DISTRICT MANAGER’S REPORT: Jeb Miller presented his District Manager’s Report:

Jeb said that the unpaid bills list will start being in the board packets with copies of checks. Meter show has slowed down and flushing hydrants has taken priority. ISO will be here in August for their ten year inspection. Nathan Pope is going to the City of The Dalles. He gave his resignation on June 5, 2017 and his last day will be June 23, 2017. We will be looking for a CDL driver and certified water distribution operator. I will be seeking to fill these positions. We have been looking into upgrading the Master Plan and future projects. I met with Ben this week and we went over places that need to be fixed or upgraded. Jeb said that the 2016 CCR was finished and sent off to the state.

That concluded the District Manager’s report.

OLD BUSINESS: Jeb presented the final draft to the 2017/2018 Budget. Not much change in the last month to the budget. Mike Elmore asked if we envisioned hiring a QuickBooks account/resources person. Jeb stated that with help from contracted service he did not plan on hiring in the office.

With a motion by Marla Skroch and a second by Ralph Browning the 2017/2018 Budget was passed with 3 ayes and O nays.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion about the Chenowith Creek bridge crossing. The Board has decision to go forth with the project. Marla Skroch has made a motion to go forward with the project and Ralph Browning seconded the motion. With 3 ayes and O nays the motion was passed to spend an extra $36,845.

Executive Session: None


Board Comments: None

With no further business the motion was made by Ralph Browning and seconded by Marla Skroch to adjourn the meeting Jayes, O nays.

Submitted By: Jeb Miller, District Manager

Approved as to content at regular meeting held November . By: Mike Elmore, President Board of Director

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