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Microsoft visual studio 2017 professional features free download

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Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs including websites, web apps. Which actually downloaded installer for version. I was wanting the version. Regardless, I un-intalled both MS Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio visit my site to take discount, sale off, Some features to collaborate on the project, the testing tools


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Deliver better software, faster. Call your account manager or contact your regional Microsoft office to upgrade to Visual Studio subscriptions with GitHub Enterprise. Visual Studio Community Visual Studio Professional Visual Studio Enterprise Skip to main content.

This device is not currently supported for these products. To continue downloading, click here. Professional developer tools and services for individual developers or small teams. Download Visual Studio. Buy now. Integrated development environment for targeting any app, any language, any platform. Professional developer tools for building any application type. Agile project planning tools, charts, and more.

Includes core Microsoft software, plus Azure, Pluralsight, and more. Achieve more. Understand your team code. Visual Studio Professional provides powerful features to quickly understand your code.

CodeLens helps you stay focused on your work by showing code references, changes to your code, displaying who last modified a method, or discovering whether tests are passing — all from right where you are in your code. Deliver Amazing Mobile Experiences.

Boost your mobile development team. It covers everything from. To learn more about the new installation experience, including step-by-step instructions that walk you through it, see the Install Visual Studio page. New in There are dozens of scenarios that are more compatible with screen readers, high contrast themes, and other assistive technologies than ever before.

The debugger, editor, and shell have all gotten significant improvements, too. For more information, see the Accessibility improvements in Visual Studio version We’ve introduced a new identity service in Visual Studio that allows you to share user accounts across Team Explorer, Azure Tools, Microsoft Store publishing, and more.

You can stay signed in longer, too. Visual Studio won’t ask you to sign in again every 12 hours. To learn more, see the Fewer Visual Studio sign-in prompts blog post. The Performance Center lists all the extensions and tool windows that might slow down the IDE startup.

You can use it to improve startup performance by determining when extensions start, or whether tool windows are open at startup. Visual Studio is moving its extensions and working with third-party extensions too so that they load on-demand, rather than at IDE startup. Curious about which extensions impact startup, solution load, and typing performance?

It’s easier to set up each development environment with your favorite extensions when you sign in to Visual Studio. The new Roaming Extension Manager keeps track of all your favorite extensions by creating a synchronized list in the cloud. The Roaming Extension Manager tracks all the extensions you install, but you can choose which ones you want to add to your Roaming list. The extension then becomes part of your Roaming list, which gives you access to it from any machine.

In Visual Studio Enterprise , live unit testing gives you live unit test results and code coverage in the editor while you are coding. It works with C and Visual Basic projects for both the. NET Framework and. For more information, see the Introducing Live Unit Testing. Automated testing is a key part of any DevOps pipeline. It allows you to consistently and reliably test and release your solution on much shorter cycles.

And, for more information about what’s new in the Continuous delivery tools for Visual Studio DevLabs extension, see the Commit with confidence: Commit time code quality blog post. Start by creating insertion points and selections at multiple locations in a file.

Then, use the multi-caret editing feature to make the same edit in two or more places at the same time. For more information, see the Multi-caret selection section of the of the Find and replace text page. Refactoring is the process of improving your code after it has been written. Refactoring changes the internal structure of the code without changing its behavior.

We add new refactorings often; here are just a few:. For more information, see Quick Actions. When you are working with a project in Visual Studio, you can set up and quickly commit and publish your code to a Git service. You can also manage your Git repositories by using menu clicks from buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of the IDE. We’ve refreshed the navigation experience to help you get from A to B with greater confidence and fewer distractions.

Pressing Ctrl and hovering over a code symbol will underline it and turn it into a link. You can filter your result list or use the query syntax for example, “f searchTerm” for files, “t searchTerm” for types, etc. You can also “lock” results so that you can continue to find other references without losing your original results. Structure Visualizer — Dotted, gray vertical lines indent guides act as landmarks in code to provide context within your frame of view.

You may recognize them from the popular Productivity Power Tools. You can use them to visualize and discover what block of code you’re in at any time without having to scroll. Hovering over the lines displays a tooltip that shows you the opening of that block and its parents.

For more information about the new productivity features, see the Visual Studio Productivity, Performance, and Partners blog post. Now, you can more easily skip ahead during debugging without setting a breakpoint to stop on the line you want. When you are stopped in the debugger, just click the icon that appears next to the line of code. Your code will run and stop on that line the next time it is hit in your code path.

The new Exception Helper helps you view your exception information at-a-glance. The information is presented in a compact form with instant access to inner exceptions. When you diagnose a NullReferenceException, you can quickly see what was null right inside the Exception Helper. The recorded snapshots enable you to go back to previous breakpoints or steps and view the state of the application as it was in the past.

IntelliTrace step-back can save you time when you want to see the previous application state but don’t want to restart debugging or recreate the desired app state. You can navigate and view snapshots by using the Step Backward and Step Forward buttons in the Debug toolbar. These buttons navigate the events that appear in the Events tab in the Diagnostic Tools window. Stepping backward or forward to an event automatically activates historical debugging on the selected event.

For more information, see the View snapshots using IntelliTrace step-back page. Containers provide you with increased app density and lower deployment cost along with improved productivity and DevOps agility. As part of the “Azure development” workload, we’ve included tools to help you develop Azure functions by using pre-compiled C class libraries. Now you can build, run, and debug on your local development machine and then publish directly to Azure from Visual Studio.

For more information, see the Azure Functions tools for Visual Studio page. To instruct the debugger to take a snapshot, you set snappoints and logpoints in your code. The debugger lets you see exactly what went wrong, without impacting traffic of your production application.

The Snapshot Debugger can help you dramatically reduce the time it takes to resolve issues that occur in production environments.

For more information, see Debug live ASP. NET apps using snappoints and logpoints. UWP supports different screen sizes and a variety of interaction models, whether it be touch, mouse and keyboard, a game controller, or a pen.