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Retrieved July 11, Office What’s free, what’s not, and what you really need”. Archived from the original on 24 July Microsoft Access is a database management solution for Windows operating systems.

See more on Access with Microsoft Skype for Business is an instant messaging client and unified communications application. See What’s new in Skype for Business Server Microsoft InfoPath is a program that allows you to design, distribute, complete, and submit electronic forms. Some Office applications, such as Excel and Word, have tiles pinned to the Start screen of Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 by default.

Learn more about finding and starting Office applications in Windows. The apps are available to download for free, and with applicable plans, you can create and edit documents on your iPad or iPhone. Office provides a separate clip- board that can hold up to 24 items, but its contents are available only to Office programs. When you paste text into Word from either the Windows clipboard or the Office clipboard, you can choose how to format it.

Further, if the item on the clipboard is a picture, chart, Mic- rosoft Excel worksheet, or anything other than text, you can control how the pasted copy behaves by using the Paste Special command. Q» : X, X’ Fonl Put a copy of the selection on the liphnarri? H Normal Moths are not eaeily differentiated from butterflies. Sometimes llie name “Helaotaa” is used foi moths while the term “Rhopalocera” is used for butterflies to formalize the popular distinction; these, however, have no taxonomic validity.

For example, if the source was italic and the des- tination is bold, Merge Formatting makes the pasted text both italic and bold. In your Word document, click where you want the copied Excel data to appear. Click the down-arrow at the bottom of the Paste button and click Paste Special. Set Dcfoult Paste. In the shortcut menu that opens, point to Linked Worksheet Object, and then click Edit Link to go back to the worksheet in Excel.

Observe that the changes you make in Excel automatically appear in the linked table in Word. TIP The list of formats offered in the Paste Special dialog box varies, depending on what type of object is in the clipboard.

For example, you can add a matching cove and sidebar, click insert and then choose the elements you want from the different I pdj-e, dud page, header, galleries. Foi example, and sidebar. If you exceed 24 items, the oldest item in the clipboard is discarded, replaced by the item Paste from the Office clipboard 1 On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the dialog box launcher the small arrow icon in the lower-right corner. When you click Paste All, the items are pasted into the document in the order in which they were collected, with the most recent one at the bottom.

TIP To control where and when the Clipboard pane appears, click the Options button at the bottom of the Clipboard pane. You can paste one or more of those items in any order, or paste all of them at once. Undoing mistaken actions It can’t be prevented — people make mistakes. When that hap- pens in a document, though, Word can often restore your document to its previous condition.

The Undo feature also lets you try out editing or formatting, and if you don’t like the result, you can simply go back and try something else. Undo one or more actions 1 Type some words in your document or change the formatting of some text. Tl P If you save a document with incorrect contents and immediately realize the mistake, use the entire Undo list to restore the document’s original contents and then save it again.

If you’ve already closed the document, though, Word’s list of actions on the Undo button has been erased; in that case, you will need to have a backup copy of the original file. You can then click one of the items in the list to undo that action and all the actions done after that one.

In Word you can find what you’re looking for by using the Naviga- tion pane. Use the headings list 1 If the Navigation pane isn’t visible, click the View tab, and then in the Show group, select the Navigation Pane check box.

Use thumbnails 1 In the Navigation pane, click the Pages tab. TIP The items shown on the Headings tab of the Navigation pane can include text that doesn’t have a heading style applied to it. To remove an item from the list, right-click that text in the document, and then in the options menu that appears, click Paragraph and set the Outline Level to Body Text. This pane includes a search box and three tabs — one each for Headings, Pages, and Results — that offer different ways of locating text, graphics, tables, and other objects.

Click any of the items in the pane to move the cursor to the corresponding location in the document. Navigation Search document nrAniNr. The Navigation pane’s search box lets you do that with a minimum of effort. Sometimes you need to look for something more complicated than a word or phrase.

For example, you might want only Use search results 1 In the Navigation pane, click the Results tab. As you type each letter, Word refines the results to only those that match the contents of the search box. The selected text appears immediately in the search box, and all occurrences are shown in the Results tab.

TIP Click the Headings tab in the Navigation pane to see which headings contain the found text; or, click the Pages tab to see the locations in the thumbnails. You can even search for a person’s name when you know what it sounds like but not how it’s spelled. These abilities and more are available in the Advanced Find dialog box. Click the up-arrow or down-arrow buttons that appear below the search box to move through the results. The Find And Replace dialog box opens.

If you want to find only text that has specific formatting, click Format, and then in the drop-down list that appears, click one of the items. You can specify more than one kind of formatting if nec- essary, such as Paragraph formatting and Highlighting. Find and Replace Keaoing Hignnc. Click the Find Next button to move the cursor from one occurrence to the next.

If you want to choose which part of the document to look in, such as the main document or the headers and footers, click the Find In button and choose the name of the desired part in the drop-down list. Word selects all the occurrences in that part. Click Reading Highlight to apply a yellow highlight to all occur- rences, which makes them easy to see as you scroll through the document.

You can make a simple replacement of one word or the style, or the case of text — or all of those together. Click Replace if you want to change that occurrence, or click Find Next again to leave it unchanged and go to the next occurrence. TV TIP To limit the replacements to occurrences with specific capitalization, to whole words, or to other special circum- stances, click More and select the desired search options.

They a particular range of host plants. The adult rtJfti. TlktRullet U it, Find? This is a character or expression that represents a type of character or a range of characters in your text instead of specifying the exact characters themselves. For example, in simple searches, you can use wildcards such as A? These simple wildcards are listed under the Special button in the Advanced Find dialog box.

The Find And Replace dialog box also has an option labeled Use Wildcards that enables a more complicated set of wildcards. With this option, you can find and replace text in your docu- ment that can’t be handled efficiently in any other way. As an example, if you have a list of people’s names in “last-name, first- name” order, a wildcard replacement can reorder each name as “first-name last-name”.

The wildcard feature uses a set of characters with special mean- ings to define the search. In real life, you might have sorted a list, resulting in multiple copies of the same item.

This expression instructs Word to find any occurrence of two consecutive identical paragraphs. I Yo Vidpn prnvirips a pnwprful way tn hplp ynn provp your pnint. H You can also type a keyword to search online for the video that best fits your document. Word provides header, footer, cover page, and text box designs that complement each other.

H For example, you can add a matching cover page, header, and sidebar. Any single character h? A 13 matches a period at the end of a sentence, followed by a paragraph mark The names are reordered as “first- name last-name. Word gives you several ways to see and change the order of headings and subheadings, including the Outline view and the Navigation pane.

In addition, Word introduces a new feature for collapsing and expanding headings in Print Layout view, just as you can in Outline view. When you collapse the headings and then move a heading to a new position, all the text and subheadings contained within that heading also move. If you delete a heading that has been collapsed, everything it contains is also deleted.

Collapse and expand headings 1 Open a document that contains headings and text. The adult stage, known as the imago, has four wings. This affects only the display in the Navigation pane. At caterpillars, many defend themselves by freezing and appearing like sticks or branches.

Most butterflies have thin slender filamentous antennae which arc club-shaped at the end. The set of built-in building blocks includes cover pages, headers and footers, tables, text boxes, page numbers, equations, and water- marks. Each type of building block can be displayed in a gallery, in which you simply click an item to insert it in the document.

Tl P If you don’t like the cover page that’s inserted, click Undo and try a different one. You can save yourself some typing by turning that item into a building block. Create and save a building block 1 Right-click in the header area and then click Edit Header.

There is no practical limit on the kind or size of items that you can store; save an entire table, several pages of text, a picture, a specialized watermark — the choice is yours. Lorcm ipsum dolor sit amct, conscctetuer ad piccing clit. Tl P If you don’t exclude the paragraph mark at the end of the text, the paragraph mark becomes part of the building block, too. If, for example, you insert that building block in a header that already contains a paragraph mark, the header will then contain two paragraph marks.

That would make the header’s height one line greater than desired. The gallery is divided into sections, one for each category, and you should make a new section for your custom building blocks.

Create a building block in the AutoText gallery, leave it in the General category, and store it in the Normal. When you type the first few characters of its name — enough to be unique among AutoText entry names — a ToolTip appears and you can press Enter to insert the entire entry.

For any other kind of building block, you won’t see a ToolTip, but you can type its name and press F3 to insert it. To manage this growing collection, Word provides a Building Blocks Organizer. In the Organizer, you can see which building blocks are avail- able, see how they’re assigned to galleries, categories, and templates, and look at a preview. You can edit a building block’s properties — for example, you can change its category or move it to a different template.

You can also delete the selected build- ing block from its template, or you can insert the building block into your document. The Building Blocks Organizer dialog box opens. The Modify Building Blocks dialog box opens. TIP If you change the template named in the Save In drop-down list, the entry is moved from one template to another, resulting in changes in both templates. When you shut down Word, you’ll be prompted to save the change in each template.

Ruilt-ln Ruilt-ln Ruil Keterences bibliograp Built-in Built-in Bud Works Cited Bibliograp Built-in Built-in Buil Cover Pages Built-in Built-in Buil Taylor Expa Equations Built-in Built-in Buil Inq Identit Fourier Seri Quadratic F Binomial T Tiig Identit Equaliuns Built-in Built-in Buil Click the Yes button in the confirmation prompt dialog box to redefine the building block entry. Modify Building Block? TIP When you save a building block, you must choose from a limited list of templates in the Save In dialog box.

The templates Normal. If the current document is based on a template other than Normal. You can save other templates in that folder, and Word will use any building blocks you create in those templates.

Microsoft Word has several tools to help you review and revise your text, including automatic correction of common typing mistakes, a spelling dictionary that can even suggest when you might have used the wrong word, and a grammar checker that helps you to express your thoughts clearly. With Word’s language tools you can translate your documents into many languages, or translate documents you receive from others so that you can read them.

In Microsoft Office , for the first time, the dictionaries and other proofing tools for many languages are available from the Microsoft website as free downloads. With that in mind, the spell- ing checker in Word can continuously compare your words to its dictionaries to detect typographical errors. In addition to its main dictionary, you can specify that Word use one or more custom dictionaries to which you can add your own words. The grammar checker can examine your text with a set of rules that can assist toward improving your writing.

When a word doesn’t match anything in either the built-in dic- tionary or your custom dictionary, Word identifies it by using a red wavy underline, sometimes called a squiggle. The word might be a misspelling, or it could be a name or a word from a special- ized field.

If it is an error, you can easily correct it. However, if the word is correctly spelled but unrecognized, you can add it to your custom dictionary so that it won’t be flagged again. Select a suggested correction 1 Right-click a word that is marked with a red or blue squiggle.

A shortcut menu appears, in which you can find solutions to the problem. In Word , they are marked with blue squiggles. These contextual errors are usually words that sound alike such as there, their, and they’re. The program highlights these words by using blue squiggle underlines.

The grammar checker also uses a blue squiggle to point out text that violates certain rules. These kinds of errors include incomplete sentences, subject-verb disagreement, and incorrect capitalization and punctuation. You can also choose to have the grammar checker examine style issues such as passive sentences and very long sentences.

They are attach host plants. TIP Yet another use of blue squiggles is to mark formatting inconsistency, which occurs when you apply direct formatting that matches an available style. For example, if you apply italic direct formatting to some text, Word suggests that you should apply the style named Emphasis, instead.

It might indicate an error where there is none, and it might miss errors. You must use your judgment when reviewing your writing. He remembers playing with the mwJurds on the lawn at the back of th c. However, you can use only one of these dictionaries as the default custom dictionary for a particular language. When you click Add To Dictionary, the selected word goes into the default custom dictionary for its language. At any time you can choose to run a manual check of spelling and grammar.

The Spelling pane appears along the side of the document work area. If the word is spelled correctly, click either Ignore or Ignore All. If you want to enter it in your custom dictionary, click Add. A thousand poumr fee; and Joseph Finsbury can remember to this day the visit to the members of the tontine — all children like himself — were assembler in turn in the bi 7 office chnir, nnH Mfrncd their nnme”: with the nssi gentleman in spectacles and Wellington boots.

Ignore Long Sentence Your sentence may be too long to be effective and may be hard to follow. For clarity and conciseness, consider rewording your sentence or splitting it into two sentences. Instead, you can just mark it so that the Ignore a spelling error 1 Right-click a word marked with a red squiggle.

Recheck the document 1 Click File to display the Backstage view and then click Options. Later, you can turn off the Ignore option and recheck the document. When Joseph Fjjns. The feature compares each word you type to a list of known errors.

If it finds a match, it substitutes the corresponding replacement text. When you install Office , you start with a list of nearly a thousand AutoCorrect entries.

You can add your own correc- tions to that list. By default, AutoCorrect tries to match a misspelled word to a word in the main dictionary that the spelling checker uses, and it makes the correction if there is only one suggestion for the replacement.

You can disable this feature if you prefer not to use it. Add a spelling correction to AutoCorrect 1 Select a misspelled word. Word displays a small AutoCorrect Options button. Click that button to display options for reversing the replace- ment. Similar to Building Block entries, the replacement part of an AutoCorrect entry can hold nearly anything that you can put into a document, including formatted text, graphics, tables, and text boxes. Unlike a building block, however, an AutoCorrect entry’s replacement Build a custom AutoCorrect entry 1 Type the desired replacement text in a document and apply a style or direct formatting to it if needed.

You can also include other objects such as pictures or tables. Select the entire replacement. The AutoCorrect list contains both plain text replacements and formatted replacements. The plain text entries operate in most of the Office applications, but the formatted entries work only in Word. The AutoCorrect Options dialog box opens. The replacement automatically appears in the text box under the With label, and the Formatted Text option is activated unless the replacement contains only plain text.

In the text box under the Replace label, type the characters that Word will recognize as the “name” of the entry. Click Add. Click OK. You might find that this is very helpful. However, if you don’t understand why the changes occur, and how to control them or undo them, it can be very frustrating and your document can become an unsightly mess.

There are two separate parts of the AutoFormat feature. The part called AutoFormat does nothing until you start it with a manual command; it applies all of its rules in one pass. The part called AutoFormat As You Type applies its rules one by one, as soon as you type something the feature recognizes. The parts are controlled on separate pages of options in the AutoCorrect Options dialog box.

You’ll probably want to keep the options in this group selected, once you know what they do. These options can cause unwanted changes and might be more annoying than help- ful. The option to apply border lines causes trouble for many users because it applies a bottom border to the paragraph before the one in which you’re typing. It’s likely that you will rarely use the other options in this group, so you can usually clear their check boxes.

Get a definition from Encarta Dictionary 1 Hold down the Alt key while you click the word that you need defined. Research Search for. Entatta Oiilionaiy. Enulish North Amen. Tl P The dictionaries offered in the pane are Apps for Office.

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