Chenowith Water PUD

The Dalles, OR

November 22, 2016

Posted on Jul 10, 2017



November 22, 2016

  1. 5:30 pm:  Regular Board Meeting
  2. Approval of October 18, 2016 Minutes and Consent Agenda
  3. Public Comment – 5 minute time limit per person
  4. Ben Beseda – Engineer Report
  5. Financial Reports Discussion
  6. Jeb Miller –District Manager Report



NEW BUSINESS:  Proposal for Purchase of New Meters







November 22, 2016

Board Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM by Mike Elmore.



Mike Elmore, Wendy Shoptaw, Marla Skroch, Rod Peterson, Jeb Miller, Ben Beseda and Tom Peachey.


Approval of Minutes and Agenda:  Minutes were approved as presented.





Public Comment:



Engineer of Record Report:

Discussion Items:

  1. City Site Team Meeting: No PUD Projects were on the last meeting agenda.  There have been routinely several items on the agenda for each biweekly meeting.  There is a partition on 10th Street moving forward with the planning office.  The November 3rd meeting will have two partitions for Lorne Richman for his Elberta Street properties.  Both of the landowners for these partitions plan to complete additional partitions next year.  An RV park in the Home Depot vicinity was discussed about a month ago.  No formal land use application has been made on it yet.
  2. 2016 Projects: Asbuilts for 8th and 9th Street project nearing completion.
  3. 6th and Snipes Street Hotel: Tenneson has finalized the site layout, utility, grading and erosion control plans and provided to the landowner to review.  The water meter size will be 2’’.  I still need to work with the manager to verify the SDC the project will need to pay.
  4. ODOT Old Highway 30 New Chenowith Creek Bridge Project: We have received project data files from ODOT.  ODOT works in a different software platform than private industry.  We are having a difficult time getting our design work going.  I am still waiting for their “Add-Work” agreement to formalize the PUD participation in the project.
  5. Georgia Vista Apartments: This proposal is for two buildings of 10 units each across 10th street from Pomona Meadows.  We are working on the preliminary site plan and city land use process application.  I expect the application to be submitted to the city prior to the end of the year.
  6. No other new projects have come up within the PUD.




Financial Report:  

Mike Elmore asked about the financials from the October meeting and wondered if the District has got a handle on the reconciling of the accounts.  Jeb mentioned that he has hired a book keeper to come in and clean everything up.  Angie Wilson is the hire through contracted services and guarantees that she can help Chenowith Water out.  Jeb said by the next meeting the Board Packets will have all reconcile sheets and budget vs. actual.  Jeb also mentioned that he plans on having Angie take over the books in the future.


Jeb mentioned that the audit paperwork has been delivered to Nate Regan.  The paper work had been done and was sitting under a desk in the office.  


District Managers Report:

Jeb talked about the operations summary report.  He said he ran some reports for prior years and came up with lower percentages. 

2013- 7.14%

2014- 6.3%

2015- 2.15%

2016- 9.87%

Jeb ran the numbers from the bill edit lists and found that the operations summary report was off by million three.  He said he was going to keep up on those numbers for future months to come.  Mike ran some numbers and found that the 999 reads were in the fifty percent range.  That means when a customer doesn’t roll over on the 1000 gallons the water is unaccounted for.  Mike feels that a good number to consider monthly is 50% of customers are not rolling over.  Also, Mike mentioned the accuracy of our meters.  If the meters are only 97.5 percent accurate that is a number to take into consideration.  With that being said if you add in the 699,000 and the accuracy in loss you come up with a 600,000 gallon loss.  Jeb will keep up on these numbers and get ready to start replacing meters.


Jeb presented the invitation to bid for the meter replacement program.  He found three vendors to send the packets to. So the District is following the bid process like it’s supposed to.  The dead line for the bid packets form the three vendors is December 31, 2016.  Jeb said he would sent out the bid packets on November 23, 2016.


Jeb presented the PowerPoint presentation showing the charts and graphs of water sold, revenue, water loss, revenue from unaccounted for water and totals for yearly water loss.


That concluded the District Manager’s report.


Old Business: None


New Business: None



Training Classes and Seminars:

Brenton Adams was accepted to take the State Water Distribution exam.


Board Comments: None



With no further business the motion was made by Marla Skroch and seconded by Rod Peterson to adjourn the meeting 3 ayes, 0 nays. 





Submitted By: ________________________________________

                                Jeb Miller, District Manager


Approved as to content at regular meeting held September 20, 2016


By: _________________________________________________

         Mike Elmore, President Board of Director

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