Chenowith Water PUD

The Dalles, OR

October 18, 2016

Posted on Jul 10, 2017



October 18, 2016

  1. 5:30 pm:  Regular Board Meeting
  2. Approval of September 20, 2016 Minutes and Consent Agenda
  3. Public Comment – 5 minute time limit per person
  4. Ben Beseda – Engineer Report
  5. Financial Reports Discussion
  6. Jeb Miller –District Manager Report





OPUDA Annual Conference October 26-27, 2016

Brenton Adams:  Distribution Water 1 Course





October 18, 2016

Board meeting called to order at 5:31pm by Mike Elmore. 



Mike Elmore, Wendy Shoptaw, Tom Ashmore, Marla Skroch, Jeb Miller, Ben Beseda and Tom Peachey.



Minutes were approved as presented.



Ralph Browning



Ralph said that he was pleased with Chenowith Water and will be happy to serve as a Board Member.



Discussion items:

  1. City Site Team Meeting: No PUD Projects were on the last meeting agenda.  There have been routinely several items on the agenda for each biweekly meeting.  There is a partition on 10th Street moving forward with the planning office.  The November 3rd meeting will have two partitions for Lorne Richman for his Elberta Street properties.  Both of the landowners for these partitions plan to complete additional partitions next year.  An RV park I the Home Depot vicinity was discussed about a month ago.  No formal land use application has been made on it yet. 


  1. 2016 Projects: Need to finish asbuilts.


  1. 6th and Snipes Street Hotel: Tenneson has finalized the site layout, utility, grading and erosion control plans and provided to the landowner to review.  The water meter size will be a 2”.  I still need to work with the manager to verify the SDC the project will need to pay. 


  1. ODOT Old Highway 30 New Chenowith Creek Bridge Project: We have received project data files from ODOT and can proceed with the water line design at any time.  I am still waiting for their “Add-Work” agreement to formalize the PUD participation in the project.


  1. Linda Heath RV Park: This is a 10 space RV Park proposed at 3821 W 10th Street.  The property is on the east side of 10th Street just before crossing Chenowith Creek.  This proposal was heard and approved by the City Planning Commission at its August meeting.  Ben has not had any discussions with the landowner related water needs for the park or fire protection.  Ben relieves they are in the permitting stage with MCBCS. 


  1. Georgia Vista Apartments: This proposal is for two buildings of 10 units each across 10th Street from Pomona Meadows.  This project has not yet applied for formal land use review with the City. No status change from last month. 


  1. No other new projects have come up within the PUD.




Marla was pleased that the percentages were changed on the budget vs. actual.  Jeb explained that the retirement line item was changed due to the employee’s contribution being entered in as well as employer contribution.  The employee’s contribution is under salaries and wages.  Mike Elmore had the question on where the budget vs. actual by monthly sheets were at.  Jeb told the Board that he was trying to simplify the Board packets and left that out.  Mike said he would like to keep seeing that document in future Board packets. 

Mike also had the question about unpaid bills and why we had paid Two Dogs Plumbing $1,067.00.  Jeb explained that Ron Hageman came in to pay SDC charges for the old recruiting complex in between Coastal Farm and K-Mart.  Ron requested the installation of a 1 ½” meter.  He stated that he would be removing the existing ¾” meter in replacement with the upgraded 1 ½” meter.  Ron paid an extra $9,300.00 for the upgrade and Jeb told him the crew would install the meter as soon as it arrived.  Once the crew got out to the job site they noticed that they were dealing with a 1 ½” copper line.  The Chenowith crew has never dealt with copper line so we called in Two Dogs Plumbing for a quick soldering.  They needed to order parts for the job so we were waiting for them.  Once the parts got here they realized that the copper line was actually a 2” copper line.  So that postponed the job until the 2” parts got here.  The price of the job was for $1,067.00 once they had finished.  Jeb said in the long run the Chenowith crew could have just installed dresser couplings and completed the project in-house.  Tom Ashmore told Wendy that since she was the treasurer she needed to be getting cleared checks sheets so she can cross reference with the unpaid bills list.  Jeb said he would make sure she started receiving the cleared checks list. 



Jeb Miller presented his District Manager’s Report:


Jeb stated the office operation was running very smooth and he was feeling more and more comfortable with being able to run the office. 


Jeb mentioned that the credit card charges for the month of September were up to $607.37 for just one month.  He was not sure if the Board wanted to start charging the customers to use their cards.


ProKarma has now started taking over the Wasco County School District’s bills.  ProKarma is a billing company that will pay bills for their customers and since they have taken over, the School District has not missed a payment.


Mathers and Sons have determined that the motor was bad.  So they pulled the well and replaced the motor.  Once they went to do startup they found that the soft starter had gone bad, so Jeb told Mike to pull the trigger on a new soft starter.  Jeb said that they already had a new panel dropped off and it was scheduled for Thursday October 20th to be installed.  Once the new starter is installed, Mike will come back down for startup.  Mike told Jeb he should look into installing a surge protector on the new starter.  Jeb said he would give Coburn Electric a call and get a surge protector ordered. 


Jeb presented a meter replacement cost for Neptune meters.  The initial cost of the meter program was for 155 meters, 1 new nomad hand held for reading, belt clip receiver, charging cradle for the hand held, and 3 year software maintenance which would cost under the 35K for the first year.  Jeb said that Neptune has installed a usage report module that tracks the usage from each meter.  Jeb explained that he ran the numbers through an excel program and he found that the numbers in the Neptune program were very similar to the numbers ran on the operation summary report through CUSI.  The theory there was getting actual reads from the meters before they were exported to CUSI, but the theory didn’t pan out.  Mike suggested we come up with methodologies that reflect where our known unaccounted for water. 


Jeb presented the PowerPoint presentation showing the charts and graphs of water sold, revenue, water loss, LGIP total balances.  Also included Jeb had graphs on the elementary school and Oakwood Estates water usage for the past years and current month of September.  He said he had been tracking water usage on a monthly base to determine water loss.  The next graph for next month’s Board meeting Jeb said he would have the information on Westside Village Apartments.  Jeb said he would work on this after meter reads were done the next month.  Mike Elmore had the suggestion that we really look into the whole meter replacement and have a request for bid proposal by the next meeting.  Tom Peachey said we should keep the purchase under $150,000 due to bidding purposes. 

Jeb mentioned that the hydrant flushing has been complete for the year and the next thing the guys will be doing is cleaning up meter boxes getting ready for meter replacement program. 


Jeb brought to the Board that he has been Manager for three years on October 8, 2016.  Tom Ashmore suggested Jeb do an evaluation and there be an executive session at the November 15th meeting. 


That concluded the District Manager’s report. 







Brenton has applied for his Distribution Water 1 exam and we are waiting the results. 

OPUDA conference in Newport on October 16th through the 27th has been cancelled for Jeb. 


Board Comments:  None.


With no further business the motion was made by Marla Skroch and seconded by Tom Ashmore to adjourn the meeting 3 ayes, 0 nays.






Submitted By: _____________________________________________

                          Jeb Miller, District Manager



Approved as to content at regular meeting held November 15, 2016.


By: _______________________________________________________

   Mike Elmore, President Board of Director

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