Chenowith Water PUD

The Dalles, OR

September 20, 2016

Posted on Jul 10, 2017



September 20, 2016

    1. :30 pm:  Regular Board Meeting
    2. Approval of August 16, 2016 Minutes and Consent Agenda
    3. Public Comment – 5 minute time limit per person
    4. Ben Beseda – Engineer Report
    5. Financial Reports Discussion
    6. Jeb Miller –District Manager Report





    Brenton will be applying for his Distribution 1 test.

    OPUDA Annual Conference will be in Newport, Oregon on October 26-27, 2016 and Jeb has always attended the Conference.





September 20, 2016

Board meeting called to order at 5:31pm by Mike Elmore. 



Mike Elmore, Rod Peterson, Tom Ashmore, Marla Skroch, Jeb Miller, Ben Beseda and Tom Peachey.



Minutes were approved as presented.









Discussion items:


  1. City Site Team Meeting: No PUD Projects were on the last meeting agenda.  The most recent had several projects outside of the PUD service area.  The upcoming meeting Thursday the 22nd has several projects within the PUD, being an RV park in the Home Depot vicinity and a partition on 10th St.


  1. 2016 Projects: Brief discussion with Manager on 9th Street asbuilts and scheduling of a meeting to discuss system mapping updates and future projects.  Ben provided Manager and Pump Supplier elevation data for new pump sizing at LC Well 3. 


  1. 6th and Snipes Street Hotel: Tenneson is continuing work to finalize the site layout, utility, grading and erosion control plans.  The water meter size will be 2”.  Ben still needs to work with the Manager to verify the SDC the project will need to pay. 


  1. ODOT Old Highway 30 New Chenowith Creek Bridge Project: We have received formal acknowledgement from ODOT about project involvement and schedule.  No Add-Work agreement from ODOT yet.  The ball is in ODOT’s court at this time.


  1. Linda Heath RV Park: This is a 10 space RV Park proposed at 3821 W 10th Street.  The property is on the east side of 10th Street just before crossisng Chenowith Creek.  This proposal was heard and approved by the City Planning Commission at its August meeting.  Ben has not had any discussions with the landowner related water needs for the park or fire protection.  Ben assumes they are moving to final design and plan review.


  1. Georgia Vista Apartments: This proposal is for two buildings of 10 units each across 10th Street from Pomona Meadows.  This project has not yet applied for formal land use review with the City. No status change from lst month. 


  1. No other new projects have come up within the PUD.




Marla had questions about profit and loss.  She suggested that we look into our line items for this Fiscal Year and why we have already reached 25% in retirement.  Jeb said he would look into what is going on and get back to them at the next meeting.  Mike Elmore had a question about the Wells Fargo and bill for escrow agent fee.  Jeb explained that it was for the debt service for Lower Chenowith.  Mike also commented that he didn’t receive financials in his Board Packet.  Jeb told Mike he would forward them to him the next day.



Jeb Miller presented his District Manager’s Report:


Question came up about the Board members applying for elections.  Wendy said she forgot to do it and what her options were to get it done.  Tom Peachey said he would get back to us with all the information. 


Jeb talked about the Lower Chenowith debt service and explained to the Board that we have two more years of paying on that and the District will be done.  With the completion of Lockwood Streeet the whole Lower Chenowith area will be upgraded and new.  Jeb said it will be nice to make the last payment for Lower Chenowith and have a whole new system instead of having to pay for upgrades after payh off.  Mike with Mathers and Sons contacted Jeb and told him there was no way to upgrade the pump size due to the well casing size so the booster pump at Sunflower and Lockwood wouled havre to stay in the ground.


Steve Long came into the office and requested that Chenowith Water PUD contact the Wasco County Planning Department to complain about his neighbor having a gentleman living on the property.  He said the neighbor has no bathroom facilities and continues to use the property.  The Board was not for the District getting involved over a neighbor war and told Jeb to not proceed with Steve’s request.  Jeb said he would drop the matter and not do anything about it.


Best Practices is done and the District has received the 10% discount. 


Jeb suggested that the District pay for the roofs to be finished at Well #4.  The well building, I&M building and the old office building need completed.  Mike Elmore suggested that we throw in the Well #3 building at Pomona as well making it match the aeration basin.  Jeb said he would get bids on the projects and get the ball rolling.


Jeb presented the PowerPoint presentation showing the charts and graphs of water sold, revenue, water loss, revenue from unaccounted for water and totals for yearly water loss.  Also included, Jeb had graphs on the Elementary School and Oakwood Estates water usage for the past years and current month of August.  He said he had been tracking water usage on a monthly basis to determine water loss.  Jeb got ahold of Neptune and they installed a module on the Neptune Program that can produce an Excel spreadsheet.  This would give accurate numbers on how much water was used from read date to read date at 1000 gallon intervals.,  Jeb said he would work on this after meter reads were done the next month.  Mike Elmore had the suggestion that we really look into the whole meter replacement program and shorten up the five year plan.  Jeb said he would get numbers on the cost for the whole system replacement and have them for the next meeting.  Tom Peachey said we should keep the purchase under $150,000 due to bidding purposes. 


Jeb said office operations are going very well. 


That concluded the District Manager’s report. 







Brenton will be applying for his Distribution Water 1 test. 

OPUDA conference will be attended by Jeb this year in Newport on October 26-27, 2016. 


Board Comments:

Rod Peterson gave the guys praise for helping with his water leak and quick response to the fire he had. 


With no further business the motion was made by Marla Skroch and seconded by Rod Peterson to adjourn the meeting 4 ayes, 0 nays.






Submitted By: _____________________________________________

                          Jeb Miller, District Manager



Approved as to content at regular meeting held October 18, 2016.


By: _______________________________________________________

   Mike Elmore, President Board of Director

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