Windows adk download 22h2 – windows adk download 22h2.How To Download And Install Windows ADK For Windows 11

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Windows adk download 22h2 – windows adk download 22h2

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Remember Me. Forgot Password. Register New Account. Password Minimum 6 symbols. Confirm password. Sign up. Already have an account? Password Lost Password? Remember me. Don’t have an account? Sign Up. Nevertheless, the release is important for organizations because it extends the support period for the operating system.

Users of these versions are recommended to switch to the latest release. Its support will last until May 14, , for the Home and Pro editions and until May 13, , for the Enterprise edition. Together with the OS, Microsoft published the corresponding administrative templates for the group policies as well as the documentation, in the form of a familiar Excel spreadsheet Group Policy settings reference spreadsheet for Windows 10, version 22H2.

One annoyance with Windows 10 21H2 was that the group policies for the same version of Windows 11 were not backward compatible. This was because Windows 10 received some new settings that were not yet present in Windows Mixed environments could therefore not be fully managed using a central store.

This situation will now improve because Windows 11 22H2 received most of the settings that were still exclusive to Windows 10 21H2. This applies to:. The licensing option for Azure AD users is still missing in Windows The telemetry configuration setting has an additional option in Windows Scan packed executables : This setting for Windows Defender is still missing in Windows These are Turn on Live Sticker and Turn on lexicon update.

Two other settings have even been added to Windows 10 22H2, which you will not find in Windows The IE policy is no longer needed in Windows 11, since the browser is already disabled as a standalone application there.

For backward compatibility, Microsoft should have included it anyway. If you don’t need these few options that are exclusive to Windows 10 22H2, you should go straight for the ADMX for Windows 11 22H2, even in pure Windows 10 environments. They organize the numerous settings for Windows Update in four folders, while Windows 10 continues to present most largely outdated policies in a long list. The Security Baseline has also been aligned between the current versions of Windows 10 and On the one hand, Microsoft included some new policies in these best practices, and on the other, Windows 10 received the new settings mentioned above, some of which are recommended by the baseline for Windows 11 For a description of these settings, see my article on the Security Baseline for Windows 11 The baseline announcement also includes a note about the new local account lockout policy for the built-in administrator account.

There is not much to report about the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit. The toolbox for image management and assessing the update readiness of PCs has remained unchanged since Windows 10 and is therefore also valid for the 22H2 release.

While Windows 10 brings almost no new features for end users, admins get an extended set of group policies. It mainly contains settings that already exist in Windows 11 and are partly included as recommendations in the Security Baseline. Subscribe to 4sysops newsletter! The two operating systems were aligned mainly because Windows 11 22H2 made up for some of the previously exclusive settings of Windows Want to write for 4sysops?

We are looking for new authors. That a Windows service hangs that is, becomes unresponsive or fails to stop is a common issue admins face FSLogix is a standalone Many websites ask users whether they want to receive notifications. In managed environments, this feature can be disabled via Changing passwords regularly is no longer recommended, and the Security Baseline for Windows doesn’t include a corresponding setting.

All Windows administrators need to know the essential concepts of Active Directory passwords: how passwords are stored in Active User Account Control helps to implement proper permission levels for users accessing systems. Instead of needing administrator privileges, UAC The UserAccountControl attribute can be used to configure several account settings in Active Directory.

This applies, for example, to In Windows 10 , Microsoft introduced a clipboard with multiple entries and added the ability to sync its contents



Notes from the Lab on Windows ADK for Windows 11 22H2 – Deployment Research

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